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Bora Bora & expectations

all seasons in one day 28 °C

We awoke to the bright bright sun streaming through the curtains... dove for our phones to check whether we had slept through our flight.  Phew!  It was still 10 minutes till our alarms would go off.  After showers we headed down for a breakfast that we were suppressed was even included in our room price... lol out we came with a selection of breakfast cereals and one massive long French bread! hmmm what to do....  

We headed though customs and after a slight delay headed out over the balmy skin scorching tarmac to board our plane.  We got the seats we desired and into the air  we climbed.  wonderful views of islands of all shapes and sizes greeted us including this sweet love heart shaped island. 
As we flew close to Bora Bora a thick cloud of  fog surrounded our plane.  We hoped against hope that this cloud would disperse but as we touched down and peered through the windows the realization hit us that it was raining in Bora Bora.  We ran across the tarmac to escape this wet peril, which was thought to be left behind in the land of the long white cloud ,for the safe haven of the customs building.  After waiting for ages for our luggage to be brought off the plane and unloaded by hand we boarded our ferry and waited for it to depart for the Bora Bora mainland.    
Our mini bus for the Mai Tai motel awaited us as we docked.  We grabbed our luggage and climbed onboard hoping for a break in the clouds.  We arrived at our motel Mai Tai with a break we desired .  We exited the mini bus and had a Frangipani flower necklace given to us... I'm not sure if we smelt bad or whether this was just their custom.   
We entered our muggy room, placed the card into the slot and cranked up the aircon.  The only problem is that when you exit the room you need to take your card out and the room and fridge then begin to warm up again.  Ah well.  We headed across the road for a dip and to swim under a glass bottomed over water bungalow.  We then headed out of the turquoise waters and headed to a water front restaurant for chips and a drink.   
After much procrastination we headed down to the bar for a cocktail.  I was struggling to get the internet working and felt incredibly frustrated having wasted 45 minutes of paid Internet time for absolutely nothing as the WiFi was not working.... I was then shown a French computer with an upside down back to front keyboard that was begging to be smashed.  Every site accessed came up in French and after wasting another 10 minutes i gave up and headed to join the others for a cock tail.  The cocktails  where amazing!   
We walked the 10 minutes to the intercontinental which had a live cultural show on.  We were shown to our tables... We ordered the most awesome bottle of French Pinot Noir which only cost $75 NZD.  Heres a couple of pictures and a video of the cultural experience...

Sorry... Internet issues... More pics coming soon

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Tahiti here we come

The excellent adventures of Jess, Lou & Pete

sunny 30 °C

After a mad dash morning attempting to be ready in time we took a lesurly trip to the airport courtesy of our charming chufeur and his wife.... Thanks Cornell and Ann! After waiting for 40 minutes in the check in line we finally farewelled our luggage and headed up to the local watering hole for a relaxing drink.

We boarded our plane and were amoungst the last few to do so to be given a small sweet smelling flower... Finally the plane took off down the runway and lifted its wings into the air. Once in the air I inspected the onboard entertainment which seemed to be slightly lacking. Approximately 30 - 45 minutes after take off the movies were loaded. We had 7 to coose from and I can only say they were all boring! The funiest thing was you couldnt pause the movie you were watching and if you decided that you wanted to watch another movie you could watch it from where it was up to or wait for the last movie to end before they rewound them all and you could watch it from the beginning.... then to make things more fun the sound would cut out and the screen would occansionally have white lines flickering through it. Now if this drove you barmy you could choose the radio channel which would break up and stop for a time! All chanels seemed to be an eclectic mix of ancient songs with a good one thrown in once in a while to raise your hopes again!

We finally descended into Papeete airport with head popping pain searing through our heads! As we exited the aircraft the nice balmy 30 degree tempratures greeted us. I removed my jacket as the sweat beads began to form. We walked across the tarmac and wondered what had happened to louise. We turned to find her captivated by a rather large crab. Once we broke her from her trance we entered the airport where two slightly larger Tahitian men harmonised their singing, playing ukeleles and a pretty young tahitian girl danced. We recieved another pretty flower and got our Tahitian custom stamps in our passports and headed through out of the airport. Our Hotel lit up the hillside right across from the airport.
We mustered our bags accross the road and up several set of stairs to enter our room which seemed to be hotter then outside. Needless to say we cranked the aircon to 18 celcius and headed accross the road for a feed. Check out he name of our eating establishment...
Needless to say going back in time is amazing... we left at 2pm on the 10th and arrived at 9pm on the 9th :)

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